There will be those who will make a sappy comment.... In this current time of issues, and opportunities, for all of us. I thought at least some of you should know about the John Carbonell, and SBIP connection with Mother's Day.

All the vulgar insinuation you see from time to time, about our power boats and the 'psycho babble', that someone places on our interest in going fast on the water, put aside.... The fact that we all have mothers goes without saying. For the people involved in the sport as an endeavor, a passion, or just for the thrill. A heart warming thing happened to me last Jan. 2009.

As it will come out over time, I've been working on establishing a powerboat racing mecca in Clearwater Beach, FL. this past year. The capability of such a mecca, is a forgone conclusion, it was and is, way before I started pitching it, selling, and pushing it.

It's gotten batted around OSS, SBI... we're even talking about tunnel boats racing, at Coachman Park, along the water front there. It's all there.... The ideal venue! The dots needed to be connected, is all. We were connecting dots to setup a fall powerboat race.... Everyone including the Mayor Frank Hibbard, realized we needed to get proactive as a community and build on our natural assets.

The morning of the day I sat down with John Carbonell, the President of Super Boat International Productions, Inc. of Key West, FL., to sign a letter of intent, to bring the 2009 SBI National Championships to Clearwater Beach, John told me I had to wait, until after 2 PM. He needed to spend time with his mother first....

For those who know that JC lost his mother a few weeks later, it won't surprise them to hear me say, I'm grateful he took the time and had his priorities correct, that day.

John, great job on your getting the new TV package together for power boat racing. Congratulations for being the first to bring sanctioned powerboat racing to Clearwater Beach, FL. and I wish you well on this Mother's Day, when I know your mother is on your mind.

Ray Pusillo (Coach)
Official Clearwater Beach
Powerboat Racing Instigator!