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I bought my 1985 Formula 242LS in June. Wasn't so confident in the trailer after a wheel bearing failed, so I never filled it past 1/2 tank (101g capacity). On vacation a couple weeks ago, I was heading to Martha's Vineyard to have a beer with the Prez, so I tried to fill the tank. It spewed out the vent/overflow at 3/4 full. I cruised about 15 miles, then tried to fill it again. This time it only took ONE gallon. I could see the fuel in the fill pipe. This weekend I pulled the rear seat and stuck my head in the engine compartment to look for a kink. I found the hose has been squished between the cockpit floor and the hull. Looks like it is restricted about 50%. Could this cause my "premature fillation"? Seems odd that I have no trouble filling the first 75g.


We had a 87 272 Formula it would not fill up in the water . I filled the boat after the winter on the trailer . Put the boat in the water to do a poker run with new motors. We did not know how much fuel it would burn so after the first 20 miles we stoped to fill the tank it only took 2.9 gal.