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The following is a great story about Shore Dreams For Kids written by Matt Trulio of Boats.com

The Big Picture: Rides That Make Shore Dreams Happen

Does it even matter that once a year, a bunch of go-fast boat owners in New Jersey take kids in need for a ride on Barnegat Bay? You bet it does.

Chances are, getting into your boat doesnít provide a major challenge for you. You donít even think about it. You hop over the gunwales with gazelle-like grace-or at least think you do-and move deliberately toward the helm station. But what if it werenít so easy? What if it took four people to lift you from your wheelchair into the boat? What if you couldnít see the horizon as you raced toward it, or hear the slap of water on the hull as it cut through the chop? What if all your senses were intact but mental illness prevented you from fully understanding where you were or what you were doing?

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