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If you are running constant coolant temps with closed cooling and not using ultra esoteric equipment like Alcohol injected supercharging, why wouldn't the same basic principles of endurance engine building apply to our marine engines?

They do mostly.

The major difference being the marine environment supplies an lifeline of everlasting cool water that the endurance racing guys would love to have to keep their oil temps down and control part "growth" under extreme long lasting heat load. I think you could actually tighten up the marine version a little more than the endurance racing deal.

Ive been running a 500hp 406 in a 2600 lb tunnel hull for a decade that was built by an old drag race guy who "set it up" and cammed it for boat use. It's held up supremely well, but the guy used great parts meticulously machined and had built a ZILLION engines.

Your wicked, mega breathing super cylinder headed big block fords look like they have all this covered to me 2112....