OPA/OSS St. Clair River Classic
Official Results - brough to you by Freeze Frame Video Inc.

Xtreme Cat
1st place: 19 Cat Can Do D: Keith Holmes T: Barry Glovick

Super Vee Extreme
1st place: Miccosukee, 42' Fountain D:Brett Furshman T:Billy Glueck
2nd place: Cintron
3rd place: Saratoga Stampede: D: Michael Janssen T:Mathew Janssen

Super Cat 750 Class
1st place: 57 PersuCat/Efusjon, 44' MTI D:Paul Budraux T: Jay Muller
2nd place: 045 JD Byryder D:Tony T:Mark Kowalski

SuperCat Lite
1st place: 77 Amsoil, 368 Skater D:Paul Whittier T:Bob Teague
2nd place: 388 Teampropstop.net, 388 Skater, D:Ray Contreas T:Harry Clack
3rd place: 46 Learning The Ropes D: Roma Ross T: Brian Ross

Super Vee Lite
1st place: 29 Typhoon, 29' Extreme D:Howard Richardson T:Randy Schluess
2nd place: 104 Under Destruction, 30' Phantom D: Mark Dunbar T:Jenni Dunbar
3rd place: 1020 Imco, 30' Phantom D:Jimmy Speros T: George Auriemma
4th place: 466 Progressive D: Bruice Seroff T: Larry Fontecha(OPA P4)
5th place: Serious Offshore Racing D: Paul Rose(Ratickle) T: Dean Howard
6th place: Reindl One Silver
7th place: Fluid Sealing

Cat Outboard
1st place: S-9 Miccosukee, 32' Doug Wright D:Paul Whittier T:Gary Ballough
2nd place: S-1 Stihl, 32' Doug Wright D:Robert Noble T:Grant Bruggemann
3rd place: 111 OPA Food and Spirits, 30' Skater D: Bill Grannis T: Ryan Beckley

P1 Class
1st place: 129 Cleveland Concrete D: Ed Smith T: Dave Sikorski
2nd place: 105 Lightning Jack D: John Wall T: John Woolley

Vee Class
1st place: V01 Wazzup D: Ed Smith T: Anthony Smith
2nd place: V14 Wahoo D: Derek Starks T: Dean Howard
3rd place: V06 Strictly Business D: Louis Giancontieri T: Eric Vohrer
4th place: V9 Bad Boy Bandit

P3 Class
1st place: 360 Bull On The Beach D: James Amselmo T: Robert Amselmo
2nd place: 324 You're Gonna Have This D: Brian Klenic T:T.J. Grunwald(OPA P3)
3rd place: 321 Xtreme D: William Wetmore N: Mike Young T: Tod Harper
4th place: 301 Jim Reihl's Friendly

P4 Class

1st place: 401 Simmons Racing D: Jim Simmons T: Jason Zolecki
2nd place: 429 Typhoon
3rd place: 451 Bounty Hunter D: Billy Martin T: Billy Martin Jr.
4th place: 421 Dirty Pearl
5th place: 417 PurrFect D: Joseph Cascio T: Jim Jackson401 Simmons Racing D: Jim Simmons T: Jason Zolecki

P5 Class

1st place: 512 Specialized Racing D: Mark Gallagher N: Owen Francis
2nd place: 529 Typhoon D: Randy Schleuss T: Doug Grimaldi
3rd place: 531 Whoz Your Daddy D: Michael Ogden T: Ed Fennelle N: Robert Lauer
4th place: 569 Tyler Crocket Marine D: George Eisenhart T: Tyler Crocket
5th place: 514 Serious Offshore Racing D: Paul Rose(Ratickle) T: Dean Howard

P6 Class
1st place: 611 Cotner Trailers
2nd place: 607 Akula
3rd place: 606 Lock'd Up D: Steve Adams T: Robert Lauer
4th place: 644 Not Guilty
5th place: 633 Wazzup II D: Nicholas Smith T: Anthony Smith