Travelers Cos. is offering a coverage discount to boaters who install a wireless device that shuts off the motor should the operator fall overboard.

Only six states -- Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada and New Jersey -- require an emergency stop lanyard on water craft, said Chantal Cyr, vice president of Travelers' boat and yacht division. The Coast Guard reports that most boating fatalities and damages are due to runaway boats.

Many operators shun the mechanical emergency shutoffs that connect the operator to the boat's ignition because they are cumbersome to wear, Travelers said.

Instead, the insurer is promoting a wireless safety lanyard marketed by Autotether, that automatically cuts engine power in an emergency. A Travelers spokesman said it does not have a financial interest in Autotether.

Travelers said it is reviewing safety devices made by other manufacturers in the hopes of offering this discount in the future to boaters who own them.

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