Didn't want to post this in the Pop-up Ad thread because I thought it would get buried.

Anyhow, it seems that some members are getting pop-up ads when they are surfing sites, such as OSO, that don't use pop-ups (and thank you for that). If this is happening to you, I may have an explanation - you have spyware on your system.

Basically what happens is a small program downloads itself onto your PC - and of course it does so without your knowledge! This program is designed to initiate these pop-up ads, sometimes when you're not even surfing!

You can check to see if you're a spyware victim by downloading Ad Aware, a detection program by Lavasoft (www.lavasoft.com). The direct link to the C|Net download site is here. If you like it, throw a few bucks at Lavasoft - helps these guys keep it updated and whatnot.

BTW, I ran this on my home system and lo and behold, quite a few programs out there either running advertising on my machine or doing other, even less savory things (like tracking my surfing habits).

Might be worth your time to check your system.