Friend of mine has a 2000 7.4L MPI and it just died all of a sudden, seemed like an electrical problem by the way it just stopped immediately (merc s/n is OMO129574)

we confirmed spark and it runs if we give it some gas in the air cleaner venturi

system has fuel

from the wiring diagram that came with the boat it appears there is only one fuel pump, the fuzes and relays are good, the bottom fuel pump (that is cooled) is running when you turn on the key ( we are still not sure if it is pumping though? tomorrow we will try and open a line or something on the high side and see if has any fuel pressure, did not see a convenient place to do that

many have said there is a second high pressure fuel pump but it is not obvious - maybe it is under the multi port manifold? before we remove that we want some more info

also we do not see a dianostic port but i am sure there is one - is it possible you have to split a connector and tee into the harness

any ideas -