I made a post last Friday about a small AC unit for a generator-less power boat. Sorry, but right after I made the post, I had to leave the office.

There were a few responses with questions.

Cooling capicity--- 5,000 BTUs, enough to cool your BUT on a hot day in a power boat cabin.

Cooling time--- depends on how many batteries you want to carry. batteries=weight, weight=less speed, but in this case, battery=COOL!!!!!

My system that I built with one 50 lb. battery can run for about 3 hours, steady, with the motors off. If I crank up and run some, my AC unit still is running, unlike the "suitcase models", because my unit is permanently installed and my motors are charging the battery. I drilled no holes below the waterline of my hull. My on/off switch is located on the dash.

Size--- My unit is two pieces. One is small enough to fit under the rear seat and the size of a battery, and the other piece is in the cabin, and in my case installed in the upper part of a small closet(Baja 29 Outlaw) which is room that I never could use/wasted space. Size of the cabin piece = shoe box!!!!!!!!

Cost---- Undetermined so far, but in the range of other units. While I was building mine, I included alot of extras to make it REAL neat.

Installation--- not real easy, or it wasn't the first time in my boat. Not an afternoon job for the un-mechanically minded. But my friends that have seen mine think its the best thing, OK, maybe second best thing, since sex.

Weight---- total for just the AC unit..... about 50 lbs.

Yea, it get REAL hot here in Louisiana, too.

E-mail me if you want to talk more.