Hey Guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads-up about a new boat site called BoaterMouth.com, which launched in beta form just before Thanksgiving. BoaterMouth is, among many things, the syndicated daily blogs from various marine writers, each with his or her own website. Each of us has a speciality, and on BoaterMouth you'll find blogs on everything from megayachts and electronics to personal watecraft and high-performance boats, which is my segment. My site supporting BoaterMouth.com is speedonthewater.com. Please check it out when you have a moment.

As I mentioned, I'll be blogging daily (OK, I did take off the day after Thanksgiving) in addition to the work I do for Powerboat and H20 Full Throttle magazines, as well as my bi-weekly column on Boats.com. If you visit BoaterMouth and click on my link or just click on the high-performance tab below, you'll find anything from a gift pick (Hering prop box ... pretty cool at $175), to a three-question interview with Fred Kiekhaefer of Mercury Racing, to news on Skater's upcoming 40-foot hardtop cat.

While you can comment on my blog if you register, and I really want you to, neither BoaterMouth nor speedonthewater is a substitute for a message board like this one. That's definitely not my goal.

The subject line of this thread uses the words "Beta Phase." That means BoaterMouth.com is full of bugs that will be gone by our "hard launch" in February at the Miami International Boat Show. Between now and then, I encourage you to go on there and bang around, if you will, to see what works or doesn't work. You can email me this information at [email protected].

The BoaterMouth concept is based daily news and features from each segment of the boating world--all in one easily accessible site. The response to date, frankly, has been overwhelming. Most people really seem to like it.

But most people are not my primary concern. You guys, the high-performance folks, are. So let me know what you think, what you want and how I can make things better.

Thanks for reading.

Matt Trulio