Outside the glen is about 10 acres of waist deep water with hard sand bottom. On holiday weekends, it's like Mardi Gras! Wet T shirt/no Shirt or clothes contests! Live bands on houseboats too. Probably 300-400 boats outside. Major big party and lots of fun. Cops don't really bother you, but if you've been drinking much, be careful going back south towards Astor. Going north, there not many cops and no speed limits. Inside the Glen is nice if you're not drinking, but I'd call it "Family Days" Cops actually sit up between trees on shore with binochulars and look for people drinking. They then call it in to cops in boats and wave runners who go bust the perps. BIG FUN outside, and I'll be ther this year in a new 30ft Liberator cat! See-ya There!!