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Boating is something I think gets into your blood and into your cells and then it proceeds into that special place in the brain where we keep things fond and dear to us along with some of lifes other desserts!

Its not just seeing cool boats that makes you a boater or a performance boater, its hopefully the great times with good friends and family you had out on the water and around the boats thats makes it something most of us cant get out of that spot in our brain, and thank god we can't.
Its the times out on the water during great weather, the feel of wind in your face and the trill of speed on the water and listening to that special sound of a performance engine out on the water. Its that great time you had with some buddies with cold beer wrenching on that boat in the driveway, shop or garage and all the tales you hear and share with others who have this same passion. Its that tingle you get when a great sounding boat rips by you at anchor or on the dock that gets your juices flowing.
In todays times of video games, twitter, forums, TV, and mundane times in life especially in your free time that boating and as well performance boating will heal your soul and stimulate your mind and senses.
Don't ever give up this love and passion unless your ready for the undertaker!
Remember that sometimes the worst day boating is better than the best day doing nothing worthwhile!!

Think long and hard before you make your life anymore anaseptic than it already is, You Know what I am Talking About!!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
Now this is the kind of stuff I need to hear. Thanks Ray! You should include motivational speaker on your buisness card.