I was passed this cleaner by a couple of buddies down at Cumberland. Figure if they use it on their rigs I would give it a shot.... they were using it on the bilge to cut down the grease. I picked some up and sprayed down my engine compartment/bilge and lemme tell ya it was shameful. after sprayin it down i hosed it off with water and looked like new. i'm a little anal retentive so i sprayed it all down again and scrubbed with a brush for final touch.

It's called "Crown Spray Power". I found it at Wal-Mart in the home cleaners department and that's the only store locally that carries it. Heck, their website has cleaners for a bunch of stuff.

No this isn't a plug but for what it did for my engine compartment, carpet, bilge and engine I figured it was worth sharing. not to mention the stuff isn't abrassive and it's fairly inexpensive!