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    How to make money with boats vs. Google

    About five years ago I wrote the book "How to make money with boats". It's a book for dreamers that explains in detail 50 methods of earning a living from a boat. It covers everything from welding, chartering, methods for the crew and kids to earn a living while traveling and even treasure hunting from a yacht.

    All was good and the books trickled out the door, till one day I started noticing I was receiving more email questions about the contents of the book than books were selling. It was then I found that Google Books had picked up "How to make money with boats" and re-published it online.

    How can Google republish copyrighted material? I wondered myself and found this question is the subject of a large lawsuit against Google that might conclude this month, on 28 Jan 10.

    The crux of the lawsuit is it appears Google might (probably will) take control of ALL published material that has an expired copyrights and somehow thousands of other books also, including "How to make money with boats".

    Thus, today I have posted "How to make money with boats" online for free. I'll paste the table of contents below. The full book is broke up into chapters and can be seen at-

    Yes, I'm sorry that is a charter boat site in Tonga and it's also the easiest place for me to post. Use discernment to only click on the "How to make money with boats" tab, or the "Free Reports" tab.

    Look at the toolbar on the left for "How to make money with boats" and click on the button. This will bring up the book sections. Click on any section and the text will show up. Eventually I'll get around to cleaning up the text and adding photos. Till then it's just the raw text, but it's all information that some might find useful.

    Lastly if anyone has any other tricks for earning a living while cruising and would be willing to share please send me a little write up and I'll be happy to include it



    Table of Contents:

    Rules for Running 50 Onboard Businesses 16
    Every Business listed is ĎTried and Testedí 16
    The Boat is Your Mobile Work Platform 17
    Doing it Well, The Real Trick 17
    Most Advertising is Word of Mouth 17
    Third World vs. First World 18
    The South African Attitude Contingent 19
    Why Yachts Return to the First World 19
    Itís All Possible Due to GPS 20
    Picking your working location 21
    A Constant Flow of Traveling Yachts 21
    Ability to import specialty items 21
    Comfortable Location the disabled yachtís Family 22
    Safe Moorings or Harbor to Store Boats 22
    Support from the City of Choice 22
    Machine Shops 22
    Airport 22
    Traveling in Taxi Hell 23
    Learning the lingo 25
    Hemorrhaging Money 26
    Tourniquet Time 27
    Plan for the tourniquet 27
    Immediate Shutdown 28
    Tips for staying on the job 28
    Work according to cyclone season 30
    The Wonderful World of Dry backing 31
    The Lifestyle 31
    Dry backing it 31
    Mexican Illegal Alien ďHow to Work in the USAĒ Comic Book 31
    Categories of Drybacks 32
    Working for other Yachties 32
    Third World? 32
    Working Locally for Local Wages and the Tourist Trade 32
    Working for the first world while living in the third world 32
    What about Immigration? 33
    In Reality 33
    Keeping out of trouble 34
    Get Legal 34
    Look Like a Yachtie 34
    Donít Take the Job of a Local 34
    Donít be the Last Boat Working 35
    Turncoats and how to deal with them 35
    People are Working Everywhere, itís Your Decision 36
    True Story-This really happened to me 36
    Donís true story 38
    The Moral 39
    A case study in keeping a low profile 41
    Case Study Two in keeping a low profile 42
    Keeping your family Happy- The real challenge! 44
    Skiff 44
    Dinner 44
    Sunday is our day 44
    Wednesday dinner 44
    Allow the crew to work 45
    Bring home the story 45
    Get them working on a boat project 45
    Go cruising 45
    Pull the plug 45
    Build a career together 45
    Listen to their needs 46
    Accessing a boatís potential to support your voyage from thirty yards 46
    Hailing Port 46
    The rest of the boat 47
    Ma and Pa 47
    Double Dipper 48
    Delivery Teams 49
    Charter Boats 49
    Scammers 50
    Working for the heavy drinker 50
    Lost His Course Boat Bum 50
    Advertising and getting the first job 51
    Your business Card 51
    The CD boat card 51
    Music CD Advertising Card 52
    Boat Sign 52
    Flags 53
    Boat Agents 53
    Locating the agent 54
    What to Charge 54
    Give Yourself a 20% Raise 55
    Getting Paid 55
    T&M vs. Bid and Daily Pay 55
    Cash on the Barrel Head, and Currency Exchange 56
    PayPal and Visa Card 56
    Bid Pay 56
    Trading 56
    Conclusion 57
    The Difficult Customer 57
    Pro Call Back Artist AKA Scammer 57
    Just Canít Be Satisfied 58
    How to identify the difficult Customer from the Start 58
    Tips for keeping long hours without upsetting the paying customer 58
    Save the Day Once a Day 59
    Tech Support Tips for techs 59
    Getting the customer his due warranty 60
    Tips for getting warranty service 62
    A true warranty story from the docks of hell 62
    Labor Tithing 67
    Cargo Donation 67
    A True Story 68
    Types of Jobs 69
    Work that can be done for other yachts, 69
    Work that can be done off your boat for the locals or tourists 69
    Selling the product back to your first world country. 69
    Kids and crew business 69
    Six on Six Off 69
    Moving Boats Around for PROFIT! 70
    The Delivery Game 70
    Creating the Roar 70
    How to Charge 70
    Port Day Fee 71
    Half Down, Half on Completion 71
    Max Wind 71
    Specialty Deliveries 71
    Mechanically Challenged Vessels and how to deal with them 71
    Working the Racing circuit 71
    Rough and tumble leg 71
    Insurance Deliveries 72
    Manufacturer Delivery Crew 72
    Late Season Delivery Team 72
    First Time Cruiser Crew Deliveries 72
    Personal gear to take 73
    Tools 74
    The Peli Package 74
    Foul Weather Gear 74
    Protecting Yourself 74
    The Wonderful World of Chartering 75
    Day Charters 75
    Locating Your Paying Guests 75
    Occupancy Aboard 76
    Shade and Seating 76
    Dock Greeter and Starting the Day 76
    Restroom, Rout Planning, and Getting Home 76
    Open Bar 77
    Sunset Sail 77
    How Much Can You Make? 77
    Chartering overnight 79
    Specialty Charters 79
    Crossing Borders 80
    Conclusion 80
    Working aboard a private yacht 80
    Engineer 80
    Captain 81
    Steward 81
    Chef 81
    Dealing with the super rich 83
    Tips for dealing with the super rich: 84
    Delivery/Sale/Buying on Spec 86
    Method 2 87
    Method 3 88
    Seven Special Boat Purchase Money Makers: 88
    Trading Cargo 89
    What to take small time 89
    Bringing it back to the boat, Things That Worked 90
    Buying Sewing Machines 91
    Computer Sales 91
    Then We Tried Boat Gear 92
    Someone Who Was Making It Pay 92
    Sail Boat Designed for Cargo Carrying 92
    Landing Craft 93
    Picking a Rout 93
    Using shipping containers to move your cargo 94
    Work as an agent 94
    Treasure hunting 96
    Salvage 98
    I have to be honest hereÖ 98
    The Salvage of the Flying Fish and Rescuing the crew of Sunrise 100
    My Turn 105
    Part 2, making a new rig out of the old 108
    Part 3 Mistaken Identity and Another Boat on the Reef 111
    Moral 117
    Sewing, Sail Repair, Canvas Work, and the Mighty Pfaff 130 118
    Sail Repair 118
    The machine you need anyway 118
    Sail Repair, not Sail Making 119
    The First Stocking Up 119
    Materials Needed 119
    How to Purchase Sail Materials on the Cheap 119
    Layout Space 120
    Typical Repairs and Re-cuts 120
    The clew has torn completely out of the sail 120
    Adding a Cringle/Grommet 120
    Clew Patch Pulled Loose 121
    A seam has split luff to leach on a main sail or jib 122
    The sail chafed, or caught on something while sailing and then ripped. 122
    Canvas Sun Hats 124
    Making Courtesy Flags 125
    Long Life Flag 125
    Canvas Making/Repair 126
    The Mighty Pfaff 130 Sewing Machine, the heart of the operation 127
    The Legend 127
    How Much to Pay 127
    Things to Look For Before Purchasing a Pfaff 130 127
    Pfaff 130 Options 128
    Shipping a Sewing Machine 128
    Cleaning the Pfaff 130 129
    Turbo Charging the Motor 129
    Buying the Turbo Motor Wholesale 129
    Push Start 129

    The system will not accept more text, so if you want to see more you can follow the links and read the table of contents on the TOC page.


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    Books do not lose their Copyright until the life of the author + 75 years. That is, they have copyright protection for the entire life of the author, and 75 years after they die. After that they enter into the public domain.

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    Thank you for your thoughts. I thought the same thing. So then what is this huge international lawsuit all about? Why is the judge giving authors till 28 Jan 10 to decide our stake in our work?

    It was taking too much research to make a decision when I suddenly said better to put the book out for free rather than give the lawers and Google anything. Thus the post.

    Thanks again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yachtwork View Post
    Thank you for your thoughts. I thought the same thing. So then what is this huge international lawsuit all about? Why is the judge giving authors till 28 Jan 10 to decide our stake in our work?

    It was taking too much research to make a decision when I suddenly said better to put the book out for free rather than give the lawers and Google anything. Thus the post.

    Thanks again.

    No problem. Internationally there are many more problems with trying to keep a work copyright protected. There are treaties with other nations that govern our relationship with them, but there are some nations that choose to completely ignore copyright protections altogether.

    I know Google is likely protected under the ISP (internet service provider) exception, unless they are actually taking part in putting the material out there.

    Just remember, if you're part of an advertised class in a class action lawsuit and you choose to not take part in it, you're barred from any individual recovery to the same defendant (or appellant). Letting the "lawyers" get a piece and fight for you (doesn't cost you anything) is probably a good thing for you. The reward won't be much monetarily if they win, but you will have someone advocating your position on your behalf. The injunction in this case is much more important to the author than the reward.

    If you have any specific individual questions, let me know.

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