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Since you will be turning 5600-5800 rpms, the 32"s Bravo may work. Test time. Good luck in dailing in your Fountain. It should be a strong running boat. Maybe you can get a deal from Kelly O who posted that there are a 32" props that he is selling. The Phantom had 28", 30", 32", (and engine work/new engines with each prop change) and now labbed 34" Bravos, but I only turn 5050 rpms. Testing, testing, testing
Well were currently changing out the factory distributor and ignition boxes to MSD's to solve the rev limiter problem and plus mine are junk n e ways might as well upgrade!, as for props im thinkin 32's labbed will do the trick! 34's seem steep but ya never know! i appreciate all your guys quick responses and help! cnt wait to test this thing just need spring to get here or the ice to melt lol!