I just purchased a 25 Talon with a 525 from Randy at Lake Cumberland Marine, clean boat ran 92 on our test run but I want more bottom end pull and top speed while keeping similar driveability.

It was suggested that I speak with Bill Schumaker in Indy re getting a Whipple stage II installed to run in the 725 + HP range and could run close to the 120 mark .

I'm coming over from a 21 Skater / 300XS so the 525 is kind of new to me, the $$ are steep on the stage II and just wanted to hear from those of you that have used either the Whipple and / or Schumaker Performance.

Just doing my homework before I make a decision, if anyone has other dependable, drivable options as to how to get more power from this set up I would appreciate it.

Martin Barkey