I want to make sure your team is listed in this special glossy color magazine. What I need is:

A photo of your boat (and team, if possible). Make sure to provide a photo release if running shot was taken by any one of several pro photographers (e.g. Jeff Gerardi of Freeze Frame; Jim McLaughlin; Jamie Russell, Tom Newby, etc). Just because you bought the photo for your own use, does not give me the authorization I need to print it in the magazine.

Next, I need to know the team name and number - whether you race SBI, APBA Offshore or both - the length and boat model - power - driver and throttleman (full names, home town and state) and navigator, if applicable.

This year, the Offshore Racing annual officially becomes the 7th edition of Poker Runs America, and will be mailed to all subscribers as well as distributed at races and poker run events.

Because I get asked this a lot, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR YOUR TEAM'S 1/4 LISTING. IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! But it's up to you to provide me with the information and photos.

Whether you're racing divisional or national, if you send me the info, I'll make sure you're included. Besides, it's also a great way to show your sponsors that you're taking their best interests to heart???

Michelle May-Schmidt (who is not only one of my top feature writers, but writes and produces her excellent new offshore racing magazine) will continue to help me out by trying to make sure the May 20 deadline is met.

(check out her excellent web site at

The Poker Runs America site is

Or you can e-mail me at [email protected] or this e-mail address, which is my home base.

Or call 1-800-354-9145

Just in case you don't surf this site (and you really should!), I'll be posting similar messages with as many sites as I can (and (sigh) also be calling as many stragglers as time permits.