My fiance decided that her new ring was so nice that she went ahead and ordered me some Livorsi gauges and connectors that I was drooling over. She conspired with her brother-in-law, and they got them from CP via a link on these boards (hey, pretty smart on their part, I guess). Despite ordering the wrong size speedo and tach, they finally got the complete set with all the right sizes, nice mega rims in purple to match my boat.

So, I have a '96 Wellcraft Scarab 26' with 502 Merc/Bravo 1.

The tach and one other gauge are out/damaged. I went behind the dash and now I am confused. I have a marine wiring color chart, but still confused.

I see numerous black wires screwed to what looks like what I would call terminal screws/posts. Gotta say this is just one mess of ground wires. Yes?

The tach immediately confused me: one non-black group of wires is attached to clip mounting points on the back. There are at least three of them.

The voltmeter got me guessing further.

I mean, my understanding is

> that each gauge is going to need to be grounded (which appears to be a crude approach: just get black to black together on terminal screws/posts?) ??

> Every gauge has a 'sender' wire (from sending unit).
------ Does this apply to the the tach and voltmeter?

> Every gauge needs power and lighting.

Basically, I am stuck and my goal is to be water ready come Memorial Day weekend. I am afraid to start disconnecting stuff.

I need help. Actually, with my biz trips coming up, I'd pay someone at this point, but if that can't happen, I need to wire these up.