What is the Bimini Ocean Challenge?

It has been reported to us, many of you may not really understand what the Bimini Ocean Challenge really is.

What it is not.

NOT A poker Run
NOT A Race boat only event
NOT A weekend Fun Run

The Bimini Ocean Challenge is an opportunity for Performance boaters of all types to gather at a spectacular, historically significant venue and live the dream of running your offshore boat OFFSHORE in a real world environment just like Don Aronow and all the boys and girls who came before us did.

One of you may have the fastest boat but may not be the best throttle man or have the ability to drive in a straight line.

You might not have the fastest boat but you just might be a damn good boat driver

You might not care either way but your bucket list says RACE OFFSHORE

Pleasure boats, race boats, fans, this is the ONLY chance to really live the dream and run in an OFFSHORE event where speed really makes a difference.

As part of the OPA/GECIO Race series this is National TV. The full Miami Exposure. Live Web Cast, Betty Bangs Girls, Rock Bands and everything else that goes along with the Life Offshore!

You can sprint,,,But can you last…..

Its only water and it is waiting for you in Sunny Isle Beach MIAMI…

If your are in JAX we have special secure storage and professional drivers to get you to Miami.

JUNE 10th-13th