I haven't been around here for a very long time but I'm thinking about rejoining the boatting world.

I looked at the boat below last week but didn't take any better pics. I was curious if anyone had any details about the boat (assuming it can be recognized by the pic). The boat is in the SF Bay delta area. It has 330 horse 454 carb motors and the owners has not touched it in 2 years. It appears to be in great shape except for the layer of dirt and spider webs.

The first time I looked at it I only found 2 very small spider cracks around the wind deflectors on the cowling, small fading on the back corners that extended beyond the dock and all vinyl looked to be almost new. We did not crank the engines because it was clear the boat had been sitting and needed to be serviced first.

I am looking into a survey but I also like to look everything over in detail myself. Is there any specific place I should check for abuse or rot?

Anyone had any insight to the boat or perhaps know the owner?

I am very serious about buying it, will be dropping off a deposit with the owner tomorrow and will purchase it assuming there I find no issues during the test run or survey

Thanks in advance for the help