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Have you talked to Debbie about a trade-in?
I'm not familiar with Debbie. Is that someone at Advantage? In order for me to move to a 34' Party Cat, I'll have to sell both the 28' Party Cat and the Fountain and put a bunch of cash with it. Had been toying with the idea of trying to buy the 34' hull and rigging it with engines and drives from my Fountain?

Anyway, I'm in the middle of another man's thread. Anyone who boats on inland lakes should be elated to have a performance deck boat and there are a lot of them out now. I call mine a pontoon on steroids. I'm on the 3rd summer since I've bought it. It will run in the low 60's with 100 gallons of gas and a load of people with the bimini up or you can lighten the load and lay the bimini down and knock on the door of 80. Best part is you can get on and off easy from either end.