At Captain Ron's! I'm one of the guys who backed out.......

2010 Shootout - House at Captain Ron's
A few months back I put a deposit on one of the houses at Captain Ron's, this house sleeps 12/14 people, 4 bedroom. Unfortunately due to the economy and other backing out, I too am going to give the room up. If you are interested, please send me an email at zfunone2 @ yahoo . com.

The location is great, Ron Dugan and his staff are the best, the room is reserved from Thursday / Monday. It is a great place to be, you are right in all the action, plus you do not need to drink then drive, just stumble back to the house.

Comes with a slip, total price is <2k, please call if interested, as I would like to get my deposit back. Our plan was to split the expense of the house 12 ways, thus making this event very affordable.

For our crew it just did not work out this year.

Again - if interested, let me know ASAP at zfunone2 @ yahoo . com.

I will be at the lake this weekend and will not have my computer with me, only my cell phone.....some of you know how much trouble I have had with my phone, so just email me....if interested.