The boat has been in storage because I had two back surgeries last year and couldnt bounce around. They want to fuse my lower spine in September so Im gonna try and boat on smooth water all I can this summer. New exhuast parts courtesy of MNfastboat and a couple other board members sounds great. New stereo installed with advice from Audiofn, Forrest, and several others....Friggin rocks! New trailer wheels/tires bought at a discount also at the advice of a board member. Only problem was a busted oil cooler that apparently froze and popped the cap off one end. Last time it was winterized, fall 2000, the outdrive was off getting fixed and all I could do was drain the system per the manual. Well the manual doesnt say anything about the oil cooler thats tucked up next to the oil pan behind an engine mount. I took it to a local radiator shop and it will be fixed on Friday. I need to relocate my rear trailer tie downs as the new Shotgun silencers stick out in the way. Supposed to be in the 70's this weekend so who knows...maybe get her wet.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and advice. Hope to see some of you this season on the water. I'm the white/maroon (for now) Liberator named "Miss Demeanor"