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I'm working on a story for a National Boating Magazine and one question is what other groups do things similar to our Shore Dreams For Kids? www.shoredreamsforkids.org

I know there are several out there but I'm drawing a blank...

I know...
Ft. Myers Offshore does charitable stuff
Platinum Powerboat Club - raises money for Make A Wish & provides boat rides
OSS Cares - does things with special needs children
Smoke on the Water - used to work with Make A Wish

What other clubs or groups are out there that I cannot remember? Please post so I can try and include them in the story.

LEOPA Lake Erie Offshore Performace Association gives away as much as possible to charity from our events, we just completed our 20th annual Thunderfest in Monroe MI and where able to support the God works foundation in Monroe MI to feed 2500 people as well as do a special olympics kids event with Offshore boat rides from our LEOPA members as well as a special afternoon for the kids. Our members are very proud to give to the local charitys and we as a group do our best to represent the Offshore Boating Association in our area to the highest level possible. Keep up the good work guys, V.C. Laszlo.