Due to Hurricane Earl coming up the coast, we have decided to move the poker run to Saturday September 11th.

Everything with the change has been cleared with the USCG, Sharkey Images and MONOC Paramedics!

Some other changes:
1) Maximum length allowed is now 32' Feet in length or smaller (several 32' Fountain owners wanted in on the action!)
2) The Drivers Meeting & Pizza Party will remain Friday night. We will though have a Saturday morning Drivers Meeting if need be for people who cannot make the Friday night meeting.

Go to www.njppc.com if you would like all of the details and would like to register for the event!!

The following people are already registered:
Name Boat
Chuck Sprague 28' Mannerfelt
Tim A. Sharkey 29' Formula
Frank Constandi 28' Eliminator
Bill Neuman 28' Powerplay
Bob Carney 24' Superboat
Joe Wnek 27' Donzi
Rob Fiore 30' Spectre
Rick Engstrom 22' Velocity
Mike Martin 30' Scarab
Bernie Martins Jr 29' Formula
Jim Kathenes Jr 30' Spectre