Just to let people that will be going back and forth from U.S.A. to Canada this season, you might want to make sure you and all aboard have you're I-68 boat landing cards in hand. I made the trip to Kelley's island for derby day and ran into the good old customs officers. They let us off with a warning but said that next time it's a $500 fine for everyone on the boat that doesn't have one payable by the captain of the boat. And, even though one of our crew was U.S. citizen/resident, because she came with us from Canada she also had to have one. We went to Costco--got the pics done, brought them to the border U.S. side, got finger printed, paid our $16 and are now legal, to cross into U.S. waters. I know there's alot of us that run back and forth--might want to be prepared--even crew.!!!