I have been almost tossed out of a boat while racing in Lake Winni a bunch of years back. Hit the side of the boat and landed back in the engine well. Pulled myself back up and into the bolster and we finished the race. I did not race with that owner ever again. Not worth it to me.

I was with some friends on our sleds and we ran into water one night. One guy rode almost 2 miles on water I did about a mile. The third guy did not make it. I had a 2 month old at home and all I could think about was that he almost lost his father. The next few weeks all I wanted to do was sell the boats, sleds, everything that had any risk. Our paster helped me out a lot getting through the nasty ordeal and eventually I started to ride the sleds again. I can tell you this, I do not drive like I used to. I take a little off because at about 10% slower you are probably 80% safer. I still have a very hard time riding across lakes on the sled and try and avoid doing so at all costs, and I ride a lot slower on the trails. For me it was keep doing what you love but take a little off the top to mitigate the risk.