Me thinks you gotta let us know what you are shopping for, price and size. I have had 3, a 24 with a 540 bulldog, a 99 29 with twin 330hps, and a 2003 with 600's in it.

A 24 is tight, horrible use of space IMO. I loved the boat, I was young and all my freinds and all the ladies thought that thing was a bad ass! Unless your budget is tight go for a 25 if you are shopping this size. A foot on paper is like 10 ft between those two boats. However, I would buy a 26 sonic with a full head over a 25 ft baja any day.

The 29 was a great boat, just slow for twins in a 29 ft boat. But it rode good and had decent room.

36- tons of room, lots of options like McCloud bolsters, monster gauges, clarion audio with subs, fridge, pump out, trans shower etc. The boat was very impressive to anyone that did not own a fountain, cig, and any other real offshore boat It kinda reminded me of a chevy corvette, in the sense that the average person might put it in the same class as a ferrari, lambo, or porche. Ferrari does not have a cavalier!

However, all these boat lacked a little quality. The 29 and 36 had major cabin issues. The vynil was falling down all over and was cheap cheap. The hatch on the 24 made it 3 years before serious rot. The back seat of the 36 made it 5 years before total wood rot. The 36 bilge will drain into the cabin after you pull it out of the water, the front bilge can not get all the water out and by the time you get home the carpet will be time with oil and water!! (dont ask lol)

I own a lot of Baja stuff, but for me I have to move on. There is more speed and quality out there for the same money now! However, for the right price not a bad boat.