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The Babb speakers were about $200 a pair when new. Babb became DC Gold about 5 years ago, so the speakers are at least 5 years old. You might get $50 a pair for them.

You can get brand new DC Golds with the 3 year warranty for about $250 a pair now. They are good speakers, but I doubt you will get much for them used.
I agree with this assessment in speaker value.

Your Dad has a some decisions to make. Is he planning on letting a bunch of things go, or is he planning on filing bankruptcy after this thing is over with, or is he going to try to ultimately make good on the balance of this loan?

There are moral/ethical consequences to each, but IMO they are pretty irrelevant at this point. He just needs to make a decision. If he plans on letting multiple things go to the bank, or if he plans on filing bankruptcy anyhow then he should probably take more than the speakers out (drives and motors are where the money is).

If he's planning on making good on the balance he's better off re-installing the speakers before giving it to the bank. The reduced sale price of having holes where speakers use to be is going to be thousands less than if they were still there (it just looks like crap, even if they're easy to replace, and it puts other questions in the buyers mind), and the money he's going to get for selling them is going to be about $100....