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Sure was great to see this old boat do the business in the very rough seas in this years CTC race, and in many ways very fitting it should win again on the CTC 50th anniversary and if you had been their Joe I'm sure it would have brought back great memories of the 80's for you as well ... however as you say no doubt the Outerlimits would have stolen the march on this 80's hull which would have been a pity, but things must move on.

Buzzi has it is said squeezed around 625ish hp out of the 560's in the past so may be he had the wick turned up for this race, who knows

One remarkable thing with Buzzi's win in such horrid rough seas was his age around 67 years young, so unless you US guys have developed a time machine without letting the rest of the world know non of us are getting any younger
Fabio Buzzi doing what he loves
Mr Buzzi was the coolest guy I have ever worked around funny and on a upstroke always ,they were with us for a month with the Grey Iveco Cat in Codomo's Miami shop,he runs 10,000 RPM it would take a 100 years for him to slow down.