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Dude, is that a crank garden?! LOL.
fertilizing but can't get **** to grow!
A while back one of the dogs was running through the yard w/a piston/rod in her mouth so I ran in and grabbed the camera to get a picture. Threw the rod/piston to try and get a better shot and a freagin Gecko flew out of the wrist pin! She ate the Gecko and could of cared less about the parts
Some good (expensive) stories in that garden.
There's a Chopper prop in there from when a buddy was in town visiting. I didn't like the prop he was using and knew a Copper would be way better. I didn't have the right one but knew where one was for cheap. Told him I'd buy it and if he liked it I'd sell it to him for what I paid for it. He ran about 100 yrds from the ramp and came back. Tilted his motor up (O/B) said, "here's YOUR prop back". Fkng thing threw a blade in the 1st 100 yds!
Here's your sign