I have taken order on a Verado 350 sci. There have been lots of discussion about the new lowerunit (LU) which will be delivered for the 2011 season. As it now stands the lower unit for 350 sci will be the same, but Verado 225-300 owners can choose between a 4,88 inch diameter LU and a HD 5,44 diameter LU. The HD 5,44 inch diameter LU is the standard and only choice for 350 sci owners.

In a statement from Mercury they say the 5,44 LU is suited for twin-triple configuations or more heavy longer single configutions. In single-engine models, these boats are typically 23-foot or larger boats weighing 5,000 pounds or more fully loaded. These boats will benefit significantly from the added lift supplied by the new 5.44-inch gearcase.

The question is if a 5,44 inch diameter LU creates more or less transomlift than a 4,88 diameter LU. Any ideas?

Cheeers, Toffen