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We had alot of fun selling the boat.Stu from the FPC did an awesome job with the display.We created alot of interest in the performance boat market. The funnest question i answered was from a lady who asked me : is that a boat ? followed by : How did you load that thing on its side?.Most people at a car auction never get to see a go fast boat up close.The models averaged getting their picture takin over !,000 times per day.not to bad for a MTI boat at the worlds largest car auction.The coolest thing was taking the gamble to sell a boat like this at a car auction ! ,that takes real balls !.The end result was that a MTI boat brought the highest price at the auction and the new owner got a one of a kind masterpiece and we added a new friend to the performance boat world.In all i would say it was a great event and the whole world got to see David Woods sober on a Saturday night ! Also Hugh Hefner is now talking to Stu about doing his own reality show! I guess owning a MTI can make all your dreams come true!!

It was great to visit with you guys last week. Hope you and Derrick had a good time. See ya at Miami or worse case Desert Storm.