Anybody using or know any neg on these block? There price at $1700.

Midwest Racing Industries Chev BB Cast Iron Race Block
Major features at an affordable price. Specifically designed for high horsepower applications. Extra material has been applied in all damage prone areas. Extra thick decks for extra protection. 4-bolt steel billet main caps are in all 5 positions, the center 3 are splayed for additional stability. ARP main studs are used for better clamping force. Scalloped water jackets offer additional cooling. Can safely be bored to 4.625". Dual bolt pattern oil pan rail is clearanced to 4.500" (can be clearanced to 4.750"). Advanced priority oiling system supplies the oil to where it is needed. Lifter valley head boss for extra clamping force between the deck and head (use stud kit 64210240). 2-piece rear main fits all of the popular performance crankshafts. Also available with 55mm or 60mm cam journals.
♦ Advanced priority oiling system
♦ 4-bolt steel billet main caps in all 5 positions
♦ Center 4 main caps are splayed
♦ Dual oil pan rail
♦ Lifter valley head bosses
♦ Std. cam location
♦ Short deck 9.800"
♦ Scalloped water jackets
♦ Thick decks
♦ Clutch linkage mounts
♦ ARP main studs
♦ Stroker clearaned to 4.500"
♦ Can be clearanced to 4.750"
♦ Tall lifter bosses for high lifts
♦ 2-pc. rear seal