I rebuilt my motor this year and just got back from having it run on the dyno. The motor is a gen VI 454 bored 60 with a stock crank, scat rods, probe forged 30cc pistons. The heads are stock iron 048 castings that have been extensively ported. Custom Bob Madera hyd. roller cam with 232 int/ 236 exh with 611 lift int and 614 lift exh on a 112 LS, morel lifters, a air gap intake, and a Demon 850 carb. The motor is around 9.6 comp. On the dyno it made 451 hp at 5500 and 511 ft lbs of torque at 4000. The torque curve was extremely flat and averaged 480 from 3000-5000 rpm. This was my first experience running a motor on the dyno and we did some timing changes and checking the plugs but no big adjustments. How does the hp look to everyone for the combination I have? This is going in a 24' Python so I am hoping for an easy 75 mph.