the main reason i throw caution to everyone is i had a buddy this summer order a white BC/CC kit off ebay and painted his truck white( because his was purple and everyone was making fun of him) with a gun he got on loan from a guy. Well i'm at the bar one night and i over a few laughing cuz the truck was in such bad shape. The next day i get the call for help. This thing was sprayed so dry that we spent 4 days (2guys) wet sanding and buffing.....and this was just to get it to look half way decent. If he had called me the night he sprayed it i could have prevented most if not all of this. He saved a good buck on the paint and it looks OK now. He watched a few things on utube before he went at it.......but he quickly found out the hard way there is no replacement for a guy that has done this stuff sitting on a stool drinking beer offering up some suggestions. The thing he was most upset about was that if we had to redo the truck was all the time he spent preping was gone....and would have to be done all over again. I just always tell people to due a snowmobile hood or a tank and fender set 1st just to get the fell of things. I could not imagine the amount of work it would have taken if this guy had sprayed a boat the way he did his truck.....but the again the majority of a boat is flat panels.........BREAK OUT THE DA AND MUD HOG!!!