Recently the rules of the BEWARE section have been posted at the beginning of the section by OSO and apparently enforced. I think their attempt to enforce the rules has really taken the value and purpose out of this section in an effort to censor a few posters who get out of control. I have read some of the name calling and stupid things posted here, but making this a forum for only people with legal issues is hurting all of us in our path to seeking good, solid information about how businesses perform and treat their customers. I own a service business and my business is reviewed everyday by my customers and posted on websites like Kudzu, Angie's List, City Search, etc. I of course, feel some of the reviews are out of line and some are glowing, but the overall good of sites like this are a "raising of the bar" of any industry. The business owner has a opportunity to post a rebuttal and state their side of the dispute and how they answer and what they post gives a potential customer an insight into that business that is invaluable . These social network postings have caused a lot of my competitors to behave differently in they try harder to please their customers and they tend to not sweep their mistakes under the rug. Overall in the last 5 years since these sites have grown, the heating and air customer service business in Atlanta has gotten much better. From some of the negative issues I have read about in the marine business, this industry is in need of an open exchange of information more than ever and your attempt to stifle this is clearly a mistake for customers and the business owner. This business could also enjoy a higher level of respect and prestige if this type of posting is allowed and even encouraged. I am not sure I will be allowed to post this here, but I find real value in this section and feel strongly about this issue.