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The budget is a great idea...however you must also consider the what-ifs...

Take this from someone who has been there. I had my boat payment and travel to handle myself, but sponsors took care of hotels, transport, storage, gas, entry fees, etc...

The problem came when a Factory Team boat decided they didn't have dime one invested, cut me off and threw me into an obstacle. $60,000 in repairs later I STILL have my boat payment (adjusted a bit higher now), but have learned a valuable lesson. No matter how much help and support you have, you better have deep pockets and prepare for the unexpected. All that support somehow disappears at the time you need it most.

This is NOT meant to discourage you, just advise you. There is no way I would run my own boat anymore, but I would give my left you-know-what to be back out there again. (Maybe Reindl can help.)
Rico is absolutely right. I know of two teams who underquoted their budgets, and not only got stuck with the bill, but they lost their sponsors who said that THEY did not fulfill their end of the contract.

This is not easy, and like I have said a thousand times before, landing a sponsor is 90 percent luck. I've seen the best teams on the circuit never find a sponsor, and I've seen the worst teams fully budgeted. It's a crap shoot.

Again, good luck.