"And you don't have to be a professional driver to run a straight V-hull hard and fast without risking your neck, as with some stepped hulls; all you need is basic boating skills and common sense. " This is a line from the latest Boattest of the new Baja 30 outlaw . I have a couple of questions. Why is one hull more safe than another going fast, and I know my Formula is not a race hull, but it does go 60 mph on a good day. Is my boat tough enough to handle bouncing off 3 ft chop and Is there a good "go to" book on driving boats fast because I am coming off a small center console. My hairiest moment was out in the ocean one day , in my Scout, doing maybe 30 in an irregular chop and the boat went sideways and scared the crap out of me for a minute. Thanks, I know this is sort of a wide open set of questions.