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Very cool.. And thank you. for 2yrs ago I lost my spouse of 13yrs to stage 4 breast cancer. battled long and hard for 3 of them... So cool to see a tribute like this. If you wanted a short trip the 3 day walk in Dallas would be a start, or Florida's 3day to run it lol... I sir tip my hat.
A bummer to hear about your spouse. There is no dobt that my mom is alive today because of the technology that allowed for early detection of the disease. Hopefully this boat will get a few people to think for just a minute, and hopefully take action that normally would not have. St. Lukes Hospital, the primary sponsor on the boat, has an offsite Mommography Center that even takes walk ins with no appointments. They have had it for years, but few have known about it. That is changing!

I get down to Dallas a couple of times a year on business. Maybe I will need to drag it along sometime!