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You guys are going to make the Big Dicks run, aren't you????
Give me a call and let us know what the plans are for the rest of the weekend.
(913) 485-3151
Mike "Gordo" Gordon
Hey brother! Looking forward to watching you pass my boat by this weekend!! We're sure going to try and make the run - that's why my hyper buddy is wanting to leave tonight so we can boat on Friday.
Christ - they're still putting my boat together while I sit here at work and play on OSO!
Was waiting for some 5" exhaust hose to come in today and guess what?...it didn't come in! My buddy found a radiator shop that had some....and Port Arrowhead is holding 3' for me just in case that doesn't work out. Nothing like doing chit at the last minute.
I'll give you a call tomorrow morning and let you know what our schedule is. It'll be great to hook up with you again!