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As are the buyers!
Much as I hate to disagree with Mr. Sobo ... Didn't you guys just build your second 80-footer not all that long ago? And wasn't Nor-Tech's 52-foot catamaran a big draw at the 2011 Miami Boat Show? Seems to me that Nor-Tech's big-boat fleet is as alive and as well as it could be, given our lovely economy.

Downsizing? I'd say it's more like diversifying. One of the wisest things that Nils, Trond and the rest of the team at Nor-Tech have done is using one hull—the 390 center console—as a jumping off point for other models. The 340 is, for the most part, a shortened 390 and its interior will use much of the same tooling used to create the larger model. That the 390 will also be the base for the 420 Monte Carlo, a model introduction that shouldn't surprise anyone (that's the kind of boat that's been Formula' bread and butter since sales of its FasTech sport boat line fell off), is another good thing.

Nor-Tech's approach is proactive. I'm not sure anything less will work in this economy.