I don't like to trash anyone business, but I feel I must warn you all about the business practices of TENKILLER MARINE.
I paid this place to second day air me the parts for my motor.
Which I was assured.......were all in stock. A week later, after many calls, I still did not have parts or a call back.
At 10 days post order, I finally got someone on the phone who said the parts guy had a family emergency and was gone for a week. I figured "sh!t happens" and let it go.
When he got back the next week, he called me and made an apology that would have shamed a tele-vangelist. He promised to send me the parts that day......via second day air.
A week later, I got the package (shipped ground UPS) and rushed to the machine shop with the pistons.
After waiting for him for two MORE weeks (the lack of pistons ruined my place in line) friends and I began putting the motor together.

There was no head gasket in the package. The gasket set was the wrong one. (This all after I had given the guy the serial number at least three times.)

I was told I could have the head gasket right away, (overnighted via UPS) but I would have to wait for the rest........he said to go to a local dealer and get the set...he would credit my account for the difference.

That was 8 days ago. I have no head gasket, no credit and am totally sick of dealing with this operation.

I bought a new motor rather than miss half the summer.

I know there are a lot of good vendors on the net and this one looks great fom thier website....but if you buy from them, expect to wait forever.

I would strongly suggest against dealing with them.