I just finish putting my full close cooling for a 350. Seems to have no leaks and seems to work. Im getting the water through the exhaust. My question is this: I ran it and the temp barely hit 160. But for the 10 min I ran the boat the manifold where hot, can only touch then for 3 seconds before it burns, the thermostat housing (its a T now) was hot. The cooler was warm (seemed like the bottom was colder than the top), hoses where hot and what not. Is it normal for it all to be hot like this, esp the manifolds? It seemed to be a steady hot, the temp barely got to 160. It was quickly too. I got kind of worried. I ran it twice, first for 10 min shut it down for a few and started again for 7 min. Same thing both times. Before when I ran this it didn't get so hot so quickly. Why is this getting hot so quickly and with it being hot is it ok? Its a san jaun MC314. It came with a 160 thermostat. Its a alpha with the pump coming from there. The hose that goes from the heat exchanger to the water pump is cold. The hose that goes to the risers are cool. the bottom of the exchanger is cold while top is warm. hose from the bottom of the manifold to the T housing is hot. manifolds are hot, hose from the top of