This is from the APBA Wishing Well posted by Pop....

During the Factory 1 race F1-90 H20 Motorsports/Propco and F1-77 Patriot Offshore Racing were involved in a collision in turn 2 which resulted in Steve Wessinger being ejected from F1-90. Steve only suffered minor injuries, was transported to the local hospital and was later released. David Carruth of F1-90 was seen by his local physician after returning home and is doing fine. Throttle man John Thames of F1-77 also suffered some bruises and was checked out and released from the local hospital in Marathon. The STARS Power Boat Rescue Team would like to thank all the crews that stopped and assisted during this accident.
Iíve spoken to all the guys and they are doing great and looking forward to racing in Cape Cod.

Also on Saturday during the PX race number 39 How Sweet It Is did a 360-barrel roll. They were able to return back to the pits and spent all night repairing the boat for the Sunday Super Cat Light Inboard race.

On Sunday during the Super Cat race Spirit of Puerto Rico barrel rolled their craft landing upside down, Pepe and Russell escaped on their own with no injuries.

Any other details will be released when made available.

Please note that Patriot was pushed into us - Offshore Addiction- doing damage to our boat- but we continued the race to take 3rd place.