Figured Id get a topic started.

Wondered if anyone was running hydrogen on thier boats for fuel economy.

Heres a cool topic I found.

A 3-cylinder, 1100 cc two-stroke gasoline engine was converted into a hot-surface-ignition hydrogen injection diesel engine for a new hydrogen car named Musashi 5. This engine had a compression ratio of 12:1, and the high pressure hydrogen at 6 MPa was injected into an open combustion chamber near the TDC. In practice, it showed some problems in terms of the high pressure liquid hydrogen pump, the hot surface ignition and efficient combustion. Efforts were made to solve the problems, and the results were as follows: (1) a high pressure pump was obtained through the precise finish on the sliding surfaces of the barrel and plunger, and by the combination of appropriate material and dimensions; (2) a gentle diesel ignition was attained by blowing hydrogen gas onto the platinum wire at 1000C from a close location; (3) the mixture formation was improved, and the maximum power equivalent to 125% of gasoline was obtained by a proper selection of combustion chamber shape, number of injection nozzles, direction of injection, etc.

This is all I found on this one but we should get a discussion going , on waste oil, veggie , hydrogen E 85 etc.