Well....It's not so much the money as lack of use. Just can't get the wife on board and I still have my bad arse Pachanga!

So what do you guys think would be a fair price for an 05 288 with 125 hours on it? I had the Raylar kit,CMI headers,and a whipple ECU installed at 110 hours. I would give the boat a 9. It has a couple of minor rock chips which you have to wash to see....a few other minor trivial easy touch ups. Has a nice Mithcher T paint job,McClould,GPS speedo,don't know what's an option and what isn't. The big option is it is a windshield boat which I prefer. Has a Hi-Tech marine triple axle trailer in nice shape. Fenders are a little dinged up but I have a new set to go with the deal! Opinions?