Today the air temp was 95, the Gulf water temp was 86, and the humidity was 41%. We
had sustained 15 knot North East winds, and then East winds in the afternoon, gusting to 21.

My son wanted to go boating, so away we went.

The harbor was a mess, but the Gulf was flat, so we went out Boca Grande Pass, and
South down the Gulf to the Southern end of Cayo Costa, near Captiva Pass. The trip was
great until we got back in the harbor, and then 20+ miles of waves crashing on the STBD
side of the boat.

The total trip was 65 miles, and the Stringray 230LX with a 350MAGmpi/Bravo-1
burned about 20 gallons of 87 octane.

After anchoring in about 4-5 feet of water, we enjoyed the gentle seas, and pristine
beaches. We did come across, what I think is part of a shipwreck sail boat.

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Here is a preview of the pictures:

A few favorites:

The water was up to my neck, and I did not want to loose my camera, so
I only got part of the boat

It is about 24 feet long, remnants of a shipwreck?

not to crowded of a spot!

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