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Can you say agenda I like how they put the boat was loud in with the speed complaint they go handgun hand right it doesn't sound like he was hard to find a 34 cat on a lake full of canoes notice they did not say what they if anything they would do if they found him
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I'm gonna sum this up for you guys:

1. There was a tragic accident
2. I doubt it was operator error
3. I live about 2 1/2 hours from this lake and know that people on small lakes such as the one this boat wrecked on dont understand power boating and if it's not a stratos, bayliner, or party barge pontoon it probably is to fast regardless of what it is
4. The media has made folks from PA look stupid and given powerboats a bad name
5. No matter the actual cause of the accident the local media will continue to point fingers at the driver and the boat which is bull ****.
God rest his soul and at least now he can enjoy the best lake

The agenda and scenario here is crystal clear. Bunch of tree huggers that have no clue about high performance boats (and don't like them because of the noise and/or speed) complaining about a guy "terrorizing the lake"...Gimmie a break.