I am looking for some advice where to look for a ride from West Hampton NY to Montauk NY harbor. Its like ~45 miles I would say.

I am from Chicago and will be visiting some friends that have a place in W Hampton. Three of us have a fishing charter on Sat Sept 9th that would leave from Montauk Harbor. we only need a ride about 45 miles down the island. These guys have a plane or heli chartered but I thought it would be something different and more fun to rent a fountain, Cig, Outerlimit type boat.

I have friends here that I have done it with from Chicago to Milwaukee and it is a blast. They have usually been in 43 and 47 ft Fountains and we will hit speeds of 130 ish. Pretty cool... And, I bet this would be much fast than something than a plane seeing we are going direct to the harbor.

Anyways, does anyone have any idea where I could locate such a service? Anything that is on the brink of insanity is great. I appreciate any info - thanks!

I hope I posted this in the correct area.